INTERVIEW: Polar Bear Club

We’re stoked to share our Q&A interview with Jimmy Stadt of POLAR BEAR CLUB currently on their fall headlining 2013 tour--Along with Citizen, Diamond Youth & The Sainthood Reps.

This exceptionally popular & hard working band just released their fourth album Death Chorus (Rise Records). In which, they’re playing in Oakland, CA on Tuesday Nov 26 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse. Get tickets here.

“Death Chorus” showcases a brighter guitar tone and is more of a “pop” record (their words) compared to their previous body of work. It’s an album of tight hooks and should be a great milestone for this band. So, make sure you can check them out with Citizen, Diamond Youth & Sainthood Reps in tour support. This show also marked as one of our live concert picks for the week. #Go2ShowSF

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