I’d like to introduce our new project to you.

LIVE: Bands are made or broken playing live.
VIDEO: Watching a band on video can make or break them too.

So, now Transmissions-LIVE connects the two and connects YOU. We’ve synced with the best web tools the Internet can provide–To bring it to you LIVE!

is a web video series focusing on LIVE and interactive interviews and performances with musicians touring through the San Francisco Bay Area. The best up and coming bands in the best venues. We’ve partnered up with some killer tech to help make this site stand out a bit better than the normal music blog.

+ Interact with the band!
+ Requests?
+ Q&A?
+ We’ve got that, and more! Stay tuned!

Each episode has two parts

The Interview:
Greg S. Cooper, host, conducts interviews with the artists. During the interview, fans can interact during the LIVE webcast.

The Performance:
The entire performance will also be webcast and automatically broadcast to the Transmissions-LIVE YouTube channel.

With that… let’s talk about our first “Transmission“:

We webcast our first transmission with an interview of Thomas Prigden of The Memorials and Micah Almeida of Mission Bells. We chatted briefly about the new tour and the new albums. The show was recorded at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, CA on Friday July 27th, 2012.